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Automatic anodizing equipment

Automatic anodizing equipment

It is controlled by imported PLC and touch screen or PC. the system program is open, convenient for adjustment and high degree of automation. It has the functio…
Anodizing manual equipment

Anodizing manual equipment

1.New product testing, R & D, proofing and mass production. 2.It can produce products with different parameters and specifications at the same time; 3.The equ…
Wafer resistance roll plating equipment

Wafer resistance roll plating equipment

Full computer control, multi parameter monitoring; With lead-free process, it adopts many unique designs; Double With lead-free process, it adopts many uniqu…
Waste gas treatment equipment

Waste gas treatment equipment

The equipment (taking vertical as an example) belongs to two-phase countercurrent packed absorption tower. The waste gas enters the purification tower along the…


2020 international exhibition of surface treatment polar coatings in Bangkok, Th



What is barrel plating

Roll plating is suitable for electroplating of small parts which can not be or is not suitable for hanging due to shape, size and other factors. Compared with hanging plating or basket plating, it saves labor,


What is electrolysis, anode polarization and cathode polarization

When an external voltage is applied to the electrolyte, current will pass through. The process in which the electrolytic value is decomposed under the action of current is called electrolysis.


What is the main function of aluminum anodizing equipment

(1) improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and weather corrosion resistance of parts. (2) the transparent film formed by oxidation can be colored into various color films. (3) as dielectric film of capacitor.


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